• 2001 - Recognitions, Awards & Accolades

    “IT Services Business Report ranked us 13th among the top revenue producing IT services firms in the United States, Computer World listed us among the 100 best Information Technology companies to work for, and Microsoft Corporation named us as the recipient of its Worldwide Infrastructure Solution of the Year Award.” (Analysts International Corporation 2001 Annual Report.)

  • 2002 - Fred Lang Steps Down

    “In 2002, Fred Lang, founder of AIC International Corporation, announced that he would step down as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, a role that he had filled for 36 years. When he founded the Company in his Minnetonka Beach carriage house, he did so with three values as the bedrock for the way we would build the business: excellence, integrity, and innovation. Those three values remain the foundation of AIC International today.” (Analysts International Corporation 2002 Annual Report.)

  • 2003/2004 - Eyeing Opportunities in IT

    These years were a time of change and opportunity in the industry. High-volume staffing customers were gearing up to adopt the next generation staffing model. Mid-market clients were building and sustaining strong infrastructure services with world-class technology leaders. And consulting firms were consolidating into larger, but more flexible and efficient IT service and solution providers. (Analysts International Corporation 2004 Annual Report.)

  • 2005/2006 - Eyeing Opportunities in IT

    Several emerging trends began to impact the IT staffing business, creating substantial opportunities – and challenges. Among them were: A shortage of workers due to “baby boomer” retirements; the need to update and modernize legacy systems; a strong economy with robust job creation; the paring down of vendors to shorter, preferred lists; global sourcing; and the shift in decision-making from HR to Procurement. (Analysts International Corporation 2006 Annual Report.)

  • 2007/2008 - Upbeat on the IT Industry

    “The market for information technology staffing and professional services labor is challenged but has not gone away. Businesses continue to invest in information technology and turn to companies like AIC to provide the technical and intellectual bandwidth required to streamline their operations, serve their customers, and transform their business. Our brand is associated with integrity and trust, and our people are among the best in the business.” (Analysts International Corporation 2008 Annual Report.)

  • 2009/2010 - Focus on the Public Sector

    “Thanks to the efforts of our government solutions team, the pipeline of new opportunities in the public sector has increased in recent months and we will continue to aggressively pursue opportunities in this important market.” (Analysts International Corporation 2009 Annual Report.)

  • 2011/2012 - Lasting Client Partnerships

    “Approximately 95% of our annual revenue is from services provided to our existing client base, which consists primarily of Fortune 500 companies. This high percentage of repeat business demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction and the development of long-term relationships with our clients. Many of our client relationships go back more than a decade, some as far back as 25 years.” (Analysts International Corporation 2011 Form 10-K.)

  • 2013/2014 - ACS Acquired Analysts International Corporation

    In October 2013, AIC International Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of American CyberSystems, Inc. (ACS Group). "The successful completion of our acquisition of AIC presents new opportunities for ACS Group and supports our strategy for growth in the marketplace," said Rajiv Sardana, ACS Group's chairman and CEO. "Together, we are well positioned to meet the evolving needs of the organizations we serve." (Press release, October 2013.)

  • 2015 - Recognition for Exceptional Client Service

    “With a focus on providing U.S. companies with top notch IT talent for their project needs, AIC received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from nearly 75 percent of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 32 percent. ‘Exceptional client service has been the hallmark of AIC’s business for nearly 50 years,’ said Raj Sardana, Chief Executive Officer for ACS Group which purchased AIC in October 2013. ‘We are proud and honored to carry on this great tradition of service and to be recognized for our efforts in this way. This is a strong testament to the work of our employees and their commitment and dedication to serving our clients,’ added Sardana.” (Press release, Inavero Award, February 23, 2015)