• 1982/1983 - A New Mission Statement

    “In January 1982, the company formalized a mission statement that recognizes the high value it has always placed on excellence, integrity, and innovation of the firm’s people. AIC’s Mission: Analysts International Corporation is a solution-oriented company whose mission is to provide industry leadership by delivering high-quality services and products to clients. The company’s principal resource is people. AIC is committed to attracting and developing the most talented professionals who are dedicated to excellence, integrity, and innovation.” (Analysts International Corporation 1982 Annual Report.)

  • 1984/1985 - Building on Experience and Expertise

    “We firmly believe that the future use of computers will be limited only by the time and cost of software applications development and the availability of qualified personnel. The size and strength of AIC’s technical staff offers the user the capability of accomplishing an entire application from requirements analysis through implementation and training.” (Analysts International Corporation 1984 Annual Report.)

  • 1986/1987 - Building on Experience and Expertise

    “In the Company’s 20 years, nearly 10,000 projects have crossed the threshold. The Company’s expertise spans all of the data processing disciplines. Its technical staff works with every major manufacturer’s equipment, and in all significant programming languages, operating systems, and database management systems.” (Analysts International Corporation 1986 Annual Report.) “AIC’s emphasis on experienced technical people has contributed to a high level of customer satisfaction. At year end, our client list numbered 413, and over 50 percent of our revenues were from Fortune 500 companies.” (Analysts International Corporation 1987 Annual Report.)

  • 1988/1989 - Building on Optimism

    “The market for computer software services continues to expand rapidly. Industry estimates placed the size of the custom services market at $14.6 billion in 1987, with projected growth of 18 percent over the next five years. The current period of sustained economic growth has helped expand the software services market, and businesses of all kinds are generating an increasing demand for a variety of applications.” (Analysts International Corporation 1988 Annual Report.) Business Week magazine named AIC one of the country’s “100 Best Small Corporations” in its issue of May 22, 1989.

  • 1990/1991 - Building on Optimism

    “Despite the recession, the basic trends underlying the growth of our business are intact. Corporations are accelerating the pace of outsourcing much of their software needs, gaining access to specialized skills on a flexible and cost-efficient basis. The market for computer software services was estimated at $16.8 billion in calendar year 1990, with a long-term growth rate of 12 percent. The recession represents a temporary interruption of that growth.” (Analysts International Corporation 1991 Annual Report.)

  • 1992/1993 - More Clients, More Business

    “During this year, our office in Lexington, Kentucky, was designated branch status, reflecting steady growth in the volume of business we obtain from that area. This increased the number of branch offices nationwide to 24.” (Analysts International Corporation 1992 Annual Report.) “We were proud to serve a total of 605 clients during 1993, undertaking 2,742 different projects on their behalf.” (Analysts International Corporation 1993 Annual Report.)

  • 1994/1995 - Focus on Quality

    “Our branches use the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award criteria to regularly self-assess their operations and combine these findings with the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey to identify opportunities for improvement.” (Analysts International Corporation 1994 Annual Report.)

  • 1996/1997 - Fixing the Y2K Puzzle

    “During 1996, an increasing number of companies became acutely aware of the massive programming task that will be necessary to fix the ‘Year 2000’ problem. We are confident that with our project management experience and our year 2000 methodology, we will be able to work with clients to help them determine, and then implement, an appropriate strategy for Year 2000 compliance.” (Analysts International Corporation 1996 Annual Report.) “Over 85% of our total revenues in 1997 represent additional business from existing clients. We are proud of the longevity of our client relationships and gratified by the confidence our clients continue to show in us.” (Analysts International Corporation 1997 Annual Report.)

  • 1998 - Certified for Quality Delivery

    “As part of our quality assurance program, our Dallas branch office became ISO 9001 certified, affirming that its quality management procedures comply with international standards, with other branches to follow. An obsession with delivery of quality services is one of the fundamental principles that guides our company and is a key factor in our success.” (Analysts International Corporation 1998 Annual Report.)

  • 1999/2000 - Measuring the Changing Landscape

    “The IT landscape is changing. For example, supplemental staffing, the industry segment in which we started, is becoming a lower-margin business. We have taken action in response to such industry changes. Our initiatives include pursuing higher-margin, value-added services and aggressively leveraging the capabilities of e-commerce, as well as strengthening our own operations.” (Analysts International Corporation 1999 Annual Report.) “The Internet is changing how business is done, and the IT services market is poised to grow dramatically.” (Analysts International Corporation 2000 Annual Report.)