In the years following WWII, software development was primarily reserved for solving mathematical equations, while the business of the computer industry concentrated on the development of hardware. It wasn’t until the mid-sixties that companies began placing more emphasis on software design and development for faster and smoother operations of their business applications. AIC was there. On March 29th, 1966, AIC was founded to provide software consulting services to all types of businesses – and our early insights were right on target. Business by business, industry by industry, companies were turning to computerization to maximize their business output by increasing their speed of operations This quickly led to a shortage of programming staff, an absence of specific expertise, and an increase in demand as new users began to recognize the business value of software. AIC was ready to provide assistance. In our first year of operation, our staff of 60 professionals served 27 clients from AIC locations in Minnesota, Washington D.C, California, Alabama, Michigan, and New York. We were off to a great start.


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